Prescription for Bronchial asthma

Bricanyl syp or tab 
 15ml. or tab. three times daily
Ultrasolv syp 
15ml. three times daily after food
Kenacort vial  
one deep I.M. injection not repeated

Notes and comments
Bricanyl : contain Terbutaamine broncodilator

Ultrasolv: contain Theophylline bronchodilator & relief bronchospasm - also contain carbocysteine amucolytic agent & Guaiphensin an expectorant agent & Oxomemazine cough sedative & antihistamine

Kenacort vial : is a long acting corticosteroids , it relief Bronchial Asthma rapidly & for long time *3-6 weeks* its action like Deprofos amp. and Depomedrol vial

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