Prescription for Chronic broncitis in adults

Flumox 500 mg  
one cap. 3 times for 5 days
Aironyl syp 
15 ml. 3 times tell recovery
Bronchophan syp 
15ml. 3 times

 Notes and Comments
 Chronic bronchitis is mainly due to smoking , or working wit irritant agents like cement, petrol or synthetic fibers ,the patient must stop smoking

Oxygen inhalation , corticosteroid& thiophylline injection may be given in severe bronconstriction, as first line of treatment

flumox :contain amoxicillin/flucloxacillin an effective combination for chest infection

Aironyl :contains terbuyalineused in bronco spasm& bronchil athma as bronchodilator

Bronchophan :contains dextromethorphane as cough suppressant& ph.ephrine as decongestant , chlorpheniramine as antihistaminc & glyceryl guiacolate as